The Value of Ethical Dialogue

Those that follow me know that I’m fond of applying The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) to different areas of business and life. Want more proof that my target business prospects, the 20%-ers, are different than many other sales rep’s prospects?? Be quiet and listen to my business prospects, 20%-ers, the Vital Few, speak.

Mr Big and his 20%-er colleagues engage in ethical conversation. Period. No half-truths, no sugar coating, no fabrications for the sake of convenience. The Vital Few, Mr Big and his fellow 20%-ers, speak truthfully and candidly. They know that ethical dialog is the most effective and efficient means of communication. Mr Big cherishes efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why he is a bottom line thinker and speaker.

Some (including you 80%-ers) call him brash, blunt, rude or a tough talker. On the other hand, Fellow 20%-ers say Mr Big is a “matter of fact” sort. No bull. The kind of talker that says what he means and delivers on what he says.

Witness these two different viewpoints that exactly match the characteristics of their respective 80% or 20% group affiliation.

The inverse is also true. We experienced it twice this week. Rather than be candid and truthful, 80%-ers find it easier to fabricate a response or simply provide no response at all.

Here’s the validation of that statement:

One of the small luxuries we provide ourselves is a housekeeper. No, not the kind that shows up every day or even every week. Our housekeepers are a two girl team The are scheduled to spend a few hours every other Friday at our place. Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning a couple of bathrooms and mopping the floors. Two girls working for two hours earn the going rate for 4 hours work plus a $5 per hour tip.

Make no mistake about it – these girls have a full, 5 day a week schedule of cleaning jobs. They do excellent work and are in demand. The luck of the draw means our every other week commitment is their last stop on Friday afternoon after a busy week.

It strikes me as odd that twice in the past two months, they let us know on Friday morning that one or the other of them has a doctor’s appointment that very afternoon. Sorry, we can’t clean your house this week. We’ll catch you next time. That means our home has been tended to by the housekeepers only once in the past 2 months. Now, I can’t seem to schedule an appointment with my doc without a two or three week wait. These girls can repeatedly score an appointment with their doc at a moment’s notice. And it’s always on Friday afternoon – at the end of a busy week – a bull’s eye on the scheduled time to clean our house. I say 80%-er behavior makes it easier to fabricate some recurring Friday afternoon medical circumstance than to tell us the straight skinny – they are tired and have decided to ditch us.

The second circumstance is identical. I hired a local photographer to take a new PR photo for my website. She shows up on the agreed upon day and time. Sets up her lights and other gear. Then snap, snap, snap she clicks of a couple dozen pictures. After reviewing them on the camera display, the photog tells me she will Photoshop a couple of the best ones. She then tells me the power cord on her laptop has failed. No worries. Her next stop is Best Buy to pick up a new power cord. A new cord means a working laptop for the Photoshop session. She’ll email the finished pictures the following day.

Three days later, no pictures. No phone call. No email. Just silence. By coincidence I cross paths with the photog in a local watering hole. Yes. The pictures are done. You’re going to love them. They turned out great. Except she’s got just one slight problem. I’m told the internet at her place is on the fritz. That’s why she hasn’t been able to email the pix. No worries. She expects the internet issue to be resolved that very afternoon. She’ll email me the photos as soon as she gets home. That was two days ago. I say 80%-er behavior makes it easier to fabricate a story about failed technology than it is to simply tell me she didn’t finish the project and can’t deliver as promised.

How do I, a 20%-er, handle these !#@?%^*<) circumstances??

You know the answer if you’re a fellow 20%-er. 😉

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  1. Ralf Stegmann on September 19, 2022 at 6:07 am

    I love this stories with a big smile and a wink eye. Go ahead, Steve!

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