What's 20 Years Among Friends??

(It depends on your perspective)

The Princess (my lovely bride of 46 years) and I hosted a brunch at the house over the Easter weekend. We invited our friends from the island. About 15 or 16 people showed up. The Princess did a magnificent job of cooking and decorating. She loves hosting these kind of events. Her attention to detail shows.

As I looked around the room at our friends and acquaintances, I was struck by the age difference of our guests. From youngest to most senior, there was a 20 year difference.

How did the Princess and I come to this stage of life??  A stage where our friends, our acquaintances, our house guests are 20 or more years our senior???

When I was 20 years old, 40-year-old people were ancient. Folks 20 years older than me simply didn't understand my generation. They were out of touch. They were my parents. My parents friends. Those 40-year olds were 2x my lifetime.  I made a diligent effort to steer clear of those old fuddy-duddies.

Now, when I was in my 30's, I knew everything.  Had it all figured out.  Including those folks that were 20 years older than me.  You know, those old farts in their 50's.  Those 50 year old people were out of touch. Their views and ideas were far different than mine. Plus, there was that whole change of life thing.  Sports cars and trophy wives or menopause and boy-toys.  What the hell was that all about??  I was more tolerant of these 50-year-olds then my 20-year-old self would have been. I tolerated their views but knew deep in my heart they were still wrong. I even felt a bit of sad for some of them.  Grey hair, Harley Davidson motorcycles, botox injections and hair coloring.  Who were they kidding???  After all, those 50-year-olds were more than 2/3rds of a lifetime older than me. From where I stood, they hadn't figure things out.

Fast Forward 30 Years.............................

It's Easter weekend.  Our home is filled with guests for brunch.  The majority of friends and acquaintances are 20 years older than us.  That makes us mid-60's and our friends, mid 80's.  That's right, the same bunch I wanted to distance myself from when I was 20 or 30 years old, are now our best friends  We're laughing, telling stories, eating and drinking -- absolutely enjoying each other's company.

It's still the same 20 year age difference. How does this happen??  The answer is: this disparity in age resolves itself thru the magic of perspective.  That same 20 year age difference is now less than a 1/3 of my lifetime older than me.  That's spittin' distance.  Hell, when I was 20 or 30 folks 1/3 of a lifetime older than me would have still been in their 20's or 30's.  Now, it makes perfect sense. These folks are no longer the stuff of parents, they are the stuff of peers.

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