Don’t Do Business With People of Questionable Ethics

What happened to ethics is business??

What happened to ethics in life??

The real estate broker that sold us our first island home in Florida, she's a pip. A genuine, four star, first class PIP. We looked at one vacation size house - liked it and made an offer. Sale closed. No muss. No fuss.
Time to move up from the vacation size house to a full time, year round house. Contact the same broker.  Let's call her Caryn. Tell her what we want. She spends an entire morning showing us houses she sold last month. Caryn also shows us houses that don't fit the requirements we set down. She shows us houses that are beyond our budget. At noon, Caryn says we'll reconnect after lunch to look at more houses. After lunch??? Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. No Caryn anywhere.
Three weeks later Caryn phones and suggests we go look at a "very special listing". I tell her we waited for three weeks for her to reconnect after lunch. Then, we engaged another broker and submitted an offer on a house. Turns out that our offer thru the second broker (let's call him Mr Honesty) was on that "very special" listing from Caryn. We buy the house, represented by Mr Honesty. Caryn forfeits half the commission. The commission she would have earned by selling her own listing. We learn that she's "pissed".
The sun still comes up in the East. Life is good. We own 2 homes on the same small island. The first vacation home and the second, year round home. First house, the small vacation size place has been on the market for a few months with Mr Honesty. We receive an offer. Something is fishy. Cash deal. Buyer from a adjacent town. No one in Mr Honesty's office remembers this buyer looking at the house. The offer comes from Caryn's office (gee, I thought she was "pissed" with us). Oops. I forgot to mention the offer from Caryn's office is more than 20% below asking price. In fact, the offer is less than we paid for the house when we purchased it from her.
Hello Google. Tell me about this mystery buyer. Tap, tap, tap, searching, searching................. Bingo. Results. Lots of results. Several real estate transactions registered with this person's name here in the county. Hello Google. Tell me more.............. hmmmm........ The State of Florida Corporate Registration website. Hey. There's our buyer's name. He's secretary of a real estate investment company. The kind of company that buys up properties, slaps a coat of paint on them, then rents them out. Wait a second. The buyer's company address looks familiar. Hey - the buyer's company address, it's the same as Caryn's office address. The buyer is the real estate investment company's corporate secretary. Caryn is corporate president and her husband is vice president. Three people, two of the last names are the same. Of course, the buyer is Caryn's brother. His last name is Caryn's maiden name. Caryn lists houses for sale (helping sellers establish a "fair" price), then buys up her own listings thru a straw buyer. Caryn's straw buyer is her brother. Now I understand why the purchase offer was less than we paid for the house!!!
Deceitful maneuvering and scheming.
When confronted, Caryn replies "It's only business"
If this is business - then it's the business of scoundrels.

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