I Bid You Adieu

  • Goodbye motel rooms
  • Farewell airline seats
  • Ta-ta to rental cars
  • Bye bye to dining alone
  • Ciao to dinner checks for 12
  • Adios to hundreds of thousands of highway miles
  • Sayonara to life on the road


No regrets. It was my choice. The office, jokingly called international headquarters, has been in the spare room at home since the late 1970’s. Home was never where the clients were. Clients were east and west and north and south with few in between.

That’s what happens when you do business in a very small, specialized niche market - a boutique business model. I didn’t travel all the time. Maybe a dozen trips a year. Less as I got older. In my business winners differentiate themselves from the competition. That’s how a one man band achieves success.

My differentiator was showing up. Others may have emailed, phoned or faxed. Me? I showed up. Not just to collect orders or make presentations. I showed up to say thanks. I showed up when things went wrong. I was accountable. It was my responsibility. No questions asked.

Today, they’d call it disruptive marketing. For me it was simply the way business was done. No regrets. No complaints. My choice. I was rewarded well - calculated risks pay off.

This trip?? A 5AM flight home from North Dakota…… Cue the music. This is the swan song. No encore. It’s the end of the run. The curtain call.

I bid you adieu.

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