My part of the population, the baby boomers, aren’t very well represented here on the social media side of the internet. This space seems to be owned by our kids, our nieces and our nephews. As business owners we hire people to handle our company’s presence in cyberspace. You remember them. Skinny kids always in need of a shave and some sunshine. Still not sure?? Look for the tattoos. What the hell - don’t those people in IT ever go outside? There so pale - except for the ink. Maybe its because we arrived just a few years too early to embrace the technology and the resulting social media. Maybe its because we’re reluctant, afraid of making a mistake We fear some glaring internet - Some

So why have I decided to put my toe in the water of a arena where the participants run about fairly well naked? Don’t misunderstand. No. They still wear clothes. It’s their insights. Their social conscience. Their ethical positions. Their emotions and beliefs. It’s those aspects of their very being whose bare bottoms are exposed on the interweb.

Let’s be candid. I can’t bear to stand still while society passes me by. Here’s what’s for certain. If you stand still while the lineup passes by, pretty soon you’ll be at the end of the line. That’s not for me

I’m not the sort that turns back once a commitment is made. Take a seat. Join me. Sit back and relax. Enjoy your favorite beverage. The next round is on me. You and I are taking on this adventure together.

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