The following were begged, borrowed, paraphrased or pilfered. Acknowledgment provided whenever possible.

"Save The Rolodex" Podcast

“By developing basic strategies, systems and a framework to support your output, you’ll relieve yourself of the burden of waiting around for lightning to strike. In the process, you’ll become much more effective. ”

Chase Jarvis

Abandon the bandwagon. Make your own footprints

Interview with "Digital Nomad" Scott Watson of Go Small Live Large

“Methodical" is preferable to the newer label which is "OCD”

The only way to get better is to walk away from what you used to believe.

Seth Godin

Your integrity is not a renewable resource.

Alison Stratten

"Go fuck off" is profanity and a sentence ending in a preposition - both are bad.

In any conflict the boundaries of behavior are defined

by the party that cares least about morality.  

Marion "Doc" Ford

To provide superior customer service, you only need to be mediocre.

That’s because most customer service sucks.

Do not under estimate the value of candor when engaged in conversation.

Timidity repays trouble with interest.

Act decisively before one problem leads to another.

 Michael Franzese

I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do.

Behavior never lies.

NEVER "think out loud"

Others will learn of the dumb shit going on inside your head.

Steve Pearson (Witness Protection)

Pay attention to the vital few and ignore the trivial many.

What kind of mirror do you have?

The kind that shows what you want to see or the kind that shows the way things are.

If you have integrity, nothing else matters.

If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.

Consequences are seldom instant. 

Instead, they accumulate until the day of reckoning finally arrives.

Entrusting the government or your employer with your retirement income 

is like hiring a compulsive gambler as your accountant.

When you don't remember someone's name say, "It's good to see you again."

Know your audience.  Know your audience.  Know your audience. 

This knowledge enables you to reverse engineer the outcome.