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Steve Priessman

Sharing four decades of proven sales experience to help you build relationships and achieve success on your terms.

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Who is Priessman?

A sales professional for over 45 years, Priessman has sold everything from office equipment to multi-million dollar marketing programs.

Priessman brings a fresh approach to the sales coaching experience.  Many others in this space have an “end game” when offering free content.  They’re providing content with the goal of selling their book, online course,  a ticket to a their daylong training session, or telling you all about the Gulfstream jet they recently purchased.

This is not why Priessman is here.

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Blog posts for sales professionals

Hey, “You Guys” – “No Problem” is a Problem

I’m not exactly sure when it happened. Not last week. Not even last year. My best guess is that things…

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Improve Your Life With the 80/20 Rule

Here’s another example of my friend Vilfredo Pareto’s work being applied:

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The Value of Ethical Dialogue

Those that follow me know that I’m fond of applying The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) to different areas of…

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"I found him [Priessman] to be incredibly useful as an accountability coach, a business coach, a marketing coach..."

— Scott Watson,  YouTube influencer from Go Small. Live Large!

"Steve Priessman is what is known as an 'expert'.  Steve's organization partners with companies that are trying to grow, expand into other countries, and remain profitable in the endeavor." 

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"Steve is a top-notch and highly experienced professional with a keen eye for detail. He has consistently achieved exceptional results over decades."

— Ralf Stegmann

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A thoughtful look into the history of the 80/20 rule.

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In this video, we look at Priessman - the man, the myth, the legend.